The family


Ben-Star´s Ladys Jerry - "Charlie"

Champion in Norway, Sweden, Denmark & Finland + Championnat International de Beauté - C.I.B

Nordic Champion

Mostwinning shih tzu dog puppy 2016

Mostwinning Shih Tzu dog 2017, 2018


Box-Fantastic´s Belisama - "Bella"

Champion in Norway, Sweden & Finland

Nordic Champion

Mostwinning shih tzu bitch puppy 2015



The love of Shih Tzu started in 1989, when Knut got his first Shih Tzu from Ming Tzing kennel.

In 2015 we desided to get a dog into our lives again. And the search for a new family member startet. After a long search, we landed on Box-Fantastic´s kennel and soon we had our first little diva in the house: Box-Fantastic´s Belisama aka Bella. "Belisama" - a celtic godess and the etymology of her name has been taken to translate to "brightest one". It is fair to say that she has brightened up our lives and made a huge positive impact in our lives. As a puppy Bella was a part of the tv-show " A Dog Show" aired on national TV in Norway. The program was a docu-soap that dived into all the "mysteries" around dogshows.

After a period of time, we wanted to find a companion for Bella, and the search started for a male. We fell in love with an amazing male shih tzu from Finland, and after some time, one of his puppies moved into our home from Ben-Star kennel. Lots of energy and happiness is just few words to describe Ben-Star´s Ladys Jerry - aka Charlie and he spreads his joy of life on a daily base to everybody around him and he makes us smile everyday.

In december 2018 Bella and Charlie got their first litter. 1 girl and 3 boys - all just perfect. The litter got names after the comedy sketch "dinner for one". Adm von Schneider moved to Denmark, Sir Toby moved to the west coast of Norway, and Cheerio Miss Sophie and Mr Winterbottom stayed in the kennel. It is a pure joy to see how they grow and to be a part of this journey.