The first dogs how  in 2021 was arranged by Norwegian Kennel Club in Sandefjord. Judge for the show was Linda Kjeksrud. 

Under a strong sun Willy did win his open class, and became 2nd best dog with CAC and a reserve CACIB.. The reserve CACIB will be transformed to CACIB. With that result Willy became Norwegian Champion.

Next up was Sophie. She did like her brother, won the open class and became best bitch with CAC and CACIB and new Norwegian Champion. She ended up as BOS. 

Charlie became most winning Shih Tzu at Norwegian Kennel Clubs dog show in 2020. This is his 5th year as a top winning Shih Tzu. So proud of him. 

August 2020

The first dog show in August was in Fauske, up north in Norway: Norwegian Kennel Clubs International dog show with Anders Tunold- Hanssen as judge. Charlie won best male and BOB with CACIB, and Sophie was 2 best female with res CAC and res CACIB. Willy won his opne class but was not placed.

At the national dogs show in Letohallen close to Gardermoen with Mona Selbach as judge. Charlie won best male and BOS, and Willy became 3rd best male with CAC. Day 2 Charlie did it again. Won best male and BOS under Per Kristian Andersen as a judge.

Next show was in Lillehammer with Christian Geelmuyden as judge. Charlie won 3rd best male and Sophie won the open class and became 4th best female with CAC. This is Sophies 3rd "kennel club CAC" in 2020, and her 6th CAC out of 12 entries.

The last dogs how in August was in Stavanger/Orre : Norwegian Kennel Club´s International Dog Show with Åge Gjetnes as a judge. Charlie was 2nd best male with res CACIB. Sophie and Willy did not place at this dogs how.

June 2020

First dogshow "post corona" in Norway: Norwegian Kennel Clubs Internasjonal dogshow in Trondheim. Willy, Charlie and Sophie did strutt their stuff and did great. Willy won his class and got a great critique, Charlie won his class and became 2nd best male with res Carib while Sophie won her class and became 3rd best female with CAC. This is Sophies 5th CAC on 9 dog shows, so she is really doing well. 

It was a really hot day so we had no chance to take pictures from this day, but it was a great day and lots of honor to Norwegian Kennel Club for arranging a great show., 

Februar 2020

First dogshow of the year, Norwegian Kennel Clubs International dog show in Bø was a huge success. 

Willy won his junior class and ended up as 2nd best male with CAC.

Sophie won her junior class and ended up as 3rd best female with CAC

Charlie won his champion class, became best male and Best of Breed with CACIB.

The best start of the "show season" we could dream of. Now we have to wait until Corona has left us. 


                                              CHARLIE NO1 MOSTWINNING SHIH TZU 2019

                                  SOPHIE NO 1 MOSTWINNING SHIH TZU FEMALE PUPPY 2019

                                        SOPHIE NO10 MOSTWINNING SHIH TZU FEMALE 2019

                                       WILLY NO4 MOSTWINNING SHIH TZU MALE PUPPY 2019


Last dogshow of the year, turned out to be a good show for Charlie. With best male and best of sex he secured yet another year the possision as Most Winning Shih Tzu of the Year in Norway.

Sophie did also attend, and became no3 jr with good critique. 


After a great weekend we have a new title in the kennel. 

Sophie won Norwegian Junior Winner 2019 at NKK´s Norwegian winner show on the 15th of november. She went on to do amazing the 2 following dog shows, and so did Charlie and Willy.

This weekend we also had a super visit from Denmark -  "Abbe" - Bella Figure´s Adm Von Schneider  came for a visit and did super in junior male class the whole weekend. 

Charlie, Sophie and Willy entered several dog shows in November, and again they did superb.

Charlie became BOB, BOG4 on the 9th of Nov,  and did great on other shows too, with placings amongst the top 4 male dogs in both international, nordic and the Shih Tzu Special in Norway on the 17th of Nov.

Willy did win the jr class on the 9th and became 4th best male dog with rec cac, and had super placings in the other shows.

Sophie won BOS on the 9th and the 10th. On the 10th she also won Best In Show Jr under the judge: Linda Voláriková. Sophie did win her jr class on the 15th on Nov and won the title Norwegian Junior Winner - 2019 and did place 4th best female with res cac. The rest of the shows she really showed her qualities and did super.


Due to a mysterious dog disease, many dog shows were canceled in september. 

The 19th of October Sophie and Willy did enter their first show as juniors, and did so with splendor..  Willy became 2 best junior and ended up as 4th best dog with res cac. 

Sophie did just as good, she won the junior class, and became 2nd best bitch with her first CAC on her first try. 

Charlie won his champion class and became BOB and got shortlisted in the Best of Group finale.

August - September

Bella Figura´s Shih Tzu has attended both national and international dog shows in Norway in August and September with super results. 

International dogshow in Lillehammer Charlie was 3rd best male, Sophie was 2nd best female puppy. 

National dogshow in Steinkjer Charlie won BOB, BIG1 and BIS3. Sophie won BOB, BIG1 and BIS2

National dogshow in Stiklestad Charlie won BOB and BIS2, Sophie won BOB and BIS2

June, July & August

The summer is soon over, and Bella Figura´s Kennel has been around in Europe attending dog shows with amazing results. Status after shows in The Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Switzerland, is 

11 x CAC
10 x BOB
6 x BOS
1 x BOG 3
2 x BIS 2
5 new Champion titles 
3 new winnertitles.

Bella won her "last" CACIB in Echt and are now waiting for her C.I.B title to be approved from FCI, Both Bella and Charlie won their CH Beauty and CH Show champion titles. Charlie won Bodenseewinner 2019 and both Bella and Charlie won Alpensieger 2019,

Sophie won several BOB and was 2 x reserve Best in Show puppy in Milan. Willy won several BOS.

09/06-2019 Bella, Charlie,Sophie and Willy was strutting´ their stuff in a national dogshow, with super results.

Willy : BOB + BIS4

Sophie : BOS

Bella: 2nd best female

Charlie, BOB, BOG1 + res BIS

So proud and happy... In 4 shows Sophie and Willy has been placed 3 times in the  BEST IN SHOW

The whole gang did enter a national dogshow 08/06-2019with amazing results.

Sophie won BOB puppy with Willy with BOS 

Bella did win 2nd best female and Charlie won BOB and res BOG.

We are so proud of the results our little "angels" provide in the dog shows.

Willy and Sophie entered their first puppy show with bravour at FØEHK puppy show in Ås.

Willy won BOS and Sophie won BOB and BIS. 

So proud of our little babies doing so amazingly in the heavy rain.

11/5 - Nordic dogshow in Lidköping in Sweden.

Charlie won his champion class, and best male and in the end Best of Breed. In best of group finale he was shortlisted. This is his 2nd Nordic CAC in 1 week. So proud of him.

05/05-19 - Nordic dogshow in Ålesund, Norway. 

Bella won her champion class and became BOS ( best of sex) with Nordic CAC.

Charlie won his champion class and became BOB (best of breed) with Nordic CAC

04/05-19 - International dogshow in Ålesund, Norway. 

Bella won her champion class and won best bitch and best of sex with CACIB. 

Charlie won his champion class and became 2nd best dog with CACIB.

27/4-19 - Charlie won reserve Best in Group 9 at the NBSHK National dogshow in Leto Arena. 

23/3-2019 - Bella Figura´s Adm von Schneider had his debut in the showring as a puppy, and did so with great honor.

2xBOB and Best In Show 3 puppy and Best In Show puppy as results are just amazing.

We as breeders are so proud and happy for this great start. All the best to Lonnie and Natasja for taking so good care of our babyboy.

16/03-2019 - International dogshow in Kristianssand, Norway. Charlie won his championclass and became 2nd best dog with his 10th CACIB.

15/02-2019 - International dogshow in Bø, Norway Charlie won championclass and became 2nd best male with his 9th CACIB.

16/02-2019 - Nordic dogshow in Bø, Charlie was 2nd in championclass and became 3rd best male.

At the first international dogshow in Denmark in 2019, Charlie won BOB with CACIB, CAC and a new Danish Champion.

2019 started good. Charlie was no1 champ male and 2nd best male on 2 national dogshows in January 19th & 20th.

After a great year in the showring our dogs have made a mark.

On the national Shih Tzu club´s mostwinning list, Bella is placed an honorable 10th place on the female list after winning several Best of Sex (BOS).  On top of that Bella has won several CAC in Belgium and Switzerland and in the summer she received a CACIB.

Charlie defended his first place from the year before and became the mostwinning Shih Tzu 2018 with 10 Best of Breed (BOB). He also had 4 BOG9 placings. He also won several dogshows abroad and have received several CAC in Belgium, Switzerland. During the year Charlie received 4 CACIB and achived his C.I.B title along with his Norwegian, Finnish and Swedish Champion title.

We are so proud of our 2 angles and look forward to 2019.

New pics of the litter is posted on the litter page.

Bella Figura´s first litter was born 09/12-2018. More info to come about the lovely puppies after Bella & Charlie

05/11-2018 Charlie got his C.I.B title approved after his 5th CACIB was won in Kreuzlingen on August 5th.