About us

We, Knut Arild Flatner and Karl-Erik Nedregaard, met back in the days in 1993, and since then we have been soulmates and shared all things that life provides. After a long and exicting career as proffesional dancers we work as associate professors in jazzdance at Oslo National Academy of the Arts and choreographers/artistic directors at Subjazz.  In the weekends we travel either to give masterclasses in dance or attend dogshows. We had no plans in diving into the "dog show world" when we got Bella. But after showing her in a puppyshow and winning, we were hooked. Long story short. We now travel around Europe in our motorhome and attend dogshows with our shih tzu´s. Our next step is to start breeding and with a focus on healthy and functional physics in relation to the aesthetic requirements within the standard. We truly believe in the English type of breed and  use that as a fundation and guideline in all our breeding.