09/12-2018 Bella Figura´s first litter was born. 3 male and 1 female after:

C.I.B NORD (NO SE FI) CH NORDJW-16 BW-18 AW-18 GTW -18                                                              Ben-Star´s Ladys Jerry                                                                      &                                                                                                                                                                NORD (NO SE FI) CH GTW-18                                                                                                    Box-Fantastic´s Belisama

The litter has been given names after the comedy sketch "Dinner for one" :               

Bella Figura´s Cheerio Miss Sophie - "Sophie"

Bella Figura´s Adm von Schneider - "Abbe"

Bella Figura´s Mr Winterbottom - "Willy"

Bella Figura´s Sir Toby - "Tobbe"

Puppies Pedigree